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文章摘要, 我也不知道啊何林也被搞蒙了千玄冷哼一声体内,神人感觉货。


  In our daily life, if we get on harmoniously with our friends, we’ll feel more joyous. But we’ll feel lonely without friends.When our friends feel upset or get ill, we shouldn’t ignore them or look down upon them. On the contrary, we ought to calm them down, show our love and concern to them and try our best to help them overcome the hardships. Sometimes we may have some misunderstandings or disagreements with our friends, thus we had better have a discussion with them and try to accept their good ideas instead of quarreling with them. As long as we can follow these good suggestions, we’ll find it easy to make more friends。



  As the saying goes, “A true friend is the best possession.” And I do have such friends.

  In the dubbing contest last semester, our group faced a big problem. The computer couldn’t play our video, but one of my friends had the film we needed. So she went back home at once to bring it here. As a result, we got second prize.

  I think a friend is someone who cares more for you than for himself. A friend is someone who gives you a hand when you’re feeling down. So take good care of your friendships and cherish your best possession.


  I still remember the Titanic, though it's a big ship but it still sunk, so, in my opinion, the best ship is the friendship. Friendship is one of the most important things in everyone's life.


  When you’re down, friends lift you up. When you lose your way, friends guide you and cheer you on


  everyone need friends because there are a lot of things that you can't deal with yourself, and the friend’s just make up for it.


  When you’re down, friends lift you up. When you lose your way, friends guide you and cheer you on


  Friendship just likes the sun, it can make you fell warm though in the cold winter, friendship just likes the water in the desert, it can make you fell that in the world, there still has hope .in a word, the friendship is the same meaning as the greatness, selfness and devotion.


  To make friends ,adding a friend equals adding a way ,open your heart ,devote yourself ,let friendship make your world colorful 。



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